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Last year on my trip to Sicily, I had a liquor called Limoncello....I loved with the fresh, citrusy flavor...with a little kick. The bright yellow liquid tastes like sunshine in a glass! As you google recipes for Limoncello you will notice many opinions on the variety of lemons to use. I feel as long as you use a fresh, thick skinned, organic (free of wax and persiticides), you will get a delicious result. If you do get lemons that have been coated in beeswax for preservation, simply scrub them with hot soapy water and rinse well to remove the wax. Now to the vodka....I recommend using Everclear 75.5% alcohol (151 proof), the higher the alcohol level, the greater the lemon oil extraction from the skins.

The hardest part about making Limoncello is patience!!! It takes time...and you don't want to rush it, if you want a luscious lemon taste.

Lets get started!!!


You will need a gallon container with a lid that seals, 5 lbs of lemons (about 15 large), and two bottles of Everclear grain alcohol.
Gather supplies for the first phase

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