Past ArtPrize Entries


ArtPrize 10

"Living Landscape"

"Living Landscape" was a painting composed entirely out of succulent plants. This framed piece was 3.5' x 4.5' planted image....and was displayed on an easel. Inspired by Monet's seaside landscapes, "Living Landscape" illustrated sky, water, a cottage, and foreground all with plants. Beautiful from afar, you could see the image, but fun to explore up close and see all the beautiful succulents I used in this piece. Over 3,000 individual plants were used featuring more than 40 varieties. The frame and box that the plants are set in, was made entirely out of PVC, painting the frame with bronze and gold gave it a gilded touch.

ArtPrize 7      "Mighty"

ArtPrize 4      "I See a..."

ArtPrize 2

"Birch Tree Reflection"

ArtPrize 5      "At Dawn"

ArtPrize 6      "Birch Grove"

ArtPrize 8      "Out of Many...One"